Er Into The Spotlight Much Of The Media To Question The Behavior Of Nakalny

Not long ago the controversial singer Justin Bieber into the spotlight much of the media to question the behavior of nakalnya in Brazil. Bieber, so call a close companion, caught by a fan of being engrossed in a brothel to drop by.

nakalnyas behavior, Because Justin was criticised as spicy. Not only from the thousands of fans in cyberspace, a former lover Selena Gomez was also claimed to be embarrassed by the behavior of Bieber.

Selena feel ashamed over the attitude of Bieber in Brazil. As a public figure Bieber should not be so, said the closest source of Selena offered Showbizspy, Monday November 11, 2013.

Selena who originally had sympathy to Bieber, suddenly become disillusioned. 21 year old singer vowed to meet Bieber again.

Selena feel sad and does not want to connect again with the Bieber too do negative, says the source.

Justin Bieber and his management of a number of people caught off guard to drop by to a wellknown brothel in Brazil, Centauros. Justin was embarrassed when her socalled fans who saw her out of the brothel.

As reported by the photos of the New York Post, Bieber get out of a tight escort of the Centauros with his bodyguards. Sources say that Bieber left a brothel with two women, and COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS.
according to the
news, a number of the guard looks annoyed with rampant paparazi who tries to capture the image of the House Bieber appearance. Theyre not s

Abdul Rozak Kalsum Came His Household With Enji Ayu Said Let Alone Her Pa

Ayu Tinging denied that his parents both Umi and Abdul Rozak Kalsum came his household with Enji. Ayu said, let alone her parents never forced Enji to immediately roll out the reception.

my mother and father never ikutkutan the Affairs of my marriage, said
For Ayu, problems with his marriage July admits Enji then there is never any interference of her parents. The reception, said the problem Was it was already an obligation itself and Enji for immediate menggelarnya after the Covenant of marriage takes place.

Usually right after the Covenant of marriage there is reception. Yes we went through it, says Ayu.

Previous ruling power with Enji lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea explains why he is not with Ayu. Enji feel pressed by the demands of both parents Was to immediately roll out the reception.

Ayu is always demanding event reception. Im not impatient, but formerly nolak, do you need a thorough preparation. The place had been looking for, all of them already, said Enji.

want more close to the polemics fought between Ayu Ting Ting with her husband Enji Watch SOS this afternoon in ANTV or see ya here.

Y Karimuddin Or Enji Is Heating Up Suddenly Appeared The Name Anggita Sari

During a chaotic household Ayu Ting Ting and Henry Karimuddin or Enji is heating up, suddenly appeared the name Anggita Sari. Sexy mature magazine models it claims was once engaged to husband Ayu Ting Ting.

As mentioned, what Was know about the proximity of the Sari, the Enji Anggita Ayu answer brief. I do not know about that, he said, while the number found in Terogong, South Jakarta.

Ayu, he Acknowledged do not want to know or intervene in the Affairs and Enji Anggita. He felt that there was no connection with him.

I do not have the right to comment on things outside of my rights, he said.

himself did not refute know Anggita. Enji, he acknowledged knowing the former drug kingpins lover, that dear friend Freddy in 2008. However, the Enji Anggita been engaged to.

in the meantime, the question of a rift with his household, the Enji pedangdut named Ayu Rosmalina also do not want to dibesaresarkan. He was resigned to face the problem of his household, which only runs for the rest of the corn.

he was denied, the issue is more complicated because his parents meddling in conflict with the bylaws Enji

my parents here never came to me. I have already explained, when I go home because its ditalak, he said.

Gram Back In Antv This Afternoon The Topic This Time Was Named Tempest E

Celebrity Chatter surrounding the impressions Program back in ANTV this afternoon. The topic this time was named Tempest Enji Households and Ayu Tinging .

Ting Ting will be Ayu guest stars special event that aired for half an hour. Ayu is not alone, his mother Umi Kalsum will accompany the chanter Fake Address it to clarify the matter of bylaws with chaotic Enji.Previous

Ayu is rumored to have been ditalak twice by her husband, the Enji. As a result, a marriage that only 21 days it should be dicederai with the conflict between family and Enji Ayu.

what he said about the fathers religion we when lakiaki already pronounce divorce, its unlawful for fathers family to be United again, said Abdul Rozak, Ayu Ting Tings father
Family Was hurt. They come to meet Ayu Enji refused again.

want to get closer to the conflict between Ayu pedangdut Ting Ting and her husband, the Enji see SOS this afternoon from 12.30 or see here.